24-hour City Card

24-hour City Card

With the Béziers Méditerranée 24-hour City Card, visit more and spend less!  Benefit from numerous free or reduced prices on your activities: sport, culture, tastings... The City Card is suitable for the whole family. There is something for everyone!
The City Card is valid for 24 hours from the first use. Reduction offers can be used for a week.

Activities in the 24h City Card - adults and children

- Audio-guided tour of the 9 locks of Fonseranres
- Guided tour with the Tourist Office (in french only)
- Alice and the Mysterious Egg" treasure hunt (in french only)
- Treasure Hunt "Alice and King Leon (in french only)
- Treasure Hunt "Alice and the Misunderstood Camel (in french only)
- Alice and the Magic Fountain" Treasure Hunt (available kit in english)
- The immersive Cinema of the 9 locks
- The little train
- Trampoline spirit
- Les bateaux du midi - "Dilettante" cruise
- Cap au sud - Passage of the 9 locks
- Cap au sud - Discovery cruise
- The Saint-Adrien Garden
- Bayou Beach
- Bayou Canoe
- Mini Lion Golf
- The Model Palace
- Béziers Aventure - Accrobranche
- Béziers Aventure Paintball
- Trot'rando 34
- Les bateaux du Midi - Lunch cruise
- The boats of the sun - Biterroise tour
- Les bateaux du soleil - Historical tour
- The enchanted mini farm
- Accrojump
-Sun Karting
- Valras tennis-padel

Activities in the 24h City Card – for adults only  

- The 9 locks of Fonseranes (parking)
- Les mardis de Valras (Valras Tuesdays) - Opening   
- Les mardis de Valras (Valras Tuesdays)
- Les mardis de Valtas (Valras Tuesdays) - Closing
- Les jeudis de Béziers (Béziers Thursdays)
- Smile Kayak - Stroll
- Domaine de la Baume
- Domaine Lupia
- Le ranch Saint-Jean - Sunset walk
- Sophro Plage
- Valras tennis
- The little boats of the 9 locks
- Golf Saint-Thomas
- The Regional Museum of Contemporary Art of Occitania
- Loc évasion - pedal boat 2/3 places
- Loc évasion - pedal boat 4/5 places
- Paddle trot and bike Keep Cool
- Yacht Keep Cool
- Fish shop Valras Coquillage
- Valras Coquillages

Activities in the 24h City Card - for children only  

- Smile Kayak - Kayak or paddle rental
- Le ranch Saint-Jean - Pony ride
- 1 ice cream at the Coin Gourmand (Orpellières visitor centre)